Promotional Gifts Yorkshire

Promotional Items Yorkshire

■ Beermats & Coasters

From budget tissue coasters to cost effective beermats either can be printed single or double sided with an option to contour cut to unique shapes for extra impact, or why not explore our more executive range of coasters and table placemats from printed / laminated cork back options to unique engraved wood and laser marked metal options.

■ Desktop Promo Items

What is on your desk infront of you right now? What is on your potential customers desk infront of them right now, perhaps it could be branded with your firms logo / product information. Why not explore our range now for inspiration?

■ Printed USB & Tec Items

Personally printed tec items such as the common USB stick can either present your company information in the most professional of appearances if you save the details to those you distribute or just be used as a surface to print your brand upon blank fobs you decide to hand out as part of your promotion / brand awareness.

■ Promotional Keyrings

Everyone has keys, everyone has keyrings and still these low cost promotional goods remain a favourite hand out and provide the perfect opportunity to promote your business, we have a vast range to choose from, why not take a look?

Design Services Yorkshire

■ Mugs, Cups & Drinkware

SignsDisplay are able to print your message on the side of a range of cups, mugs & other drinkware such as shakers, glasses and water bottles. A popular corporate give-away that guarantees the receiver will not just ‘throw it to one side’.

■ Printed Logo Bugs

A personal favourite of ours at SignsDisplay these cute little bugs take us back to a retro age and to see how many different colours and styles we are able to provide, surely there is the perfect match for promoting your business.

■ Printed Pens & Pencils

A comprehensive gallery of biro pens, fountain pens and ball point pens each suitable for printing, plus pencil options which can be laser marked with your message upon them.

■ Printed Posters

Not only are we able to provide standard paper printed posters but we can offer waterproof PVC posters for external locations and backlit posters for those that have illumination behind. Our wipeable and stain resistant site plans are ideal for use in exposed, muddy and remote locations and are provided with a plastic tube for safe storage between use. For window mounted posters we offer a range of fixing solutions.

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